Stevens is a family owned business that has been operating for over 20 years in the shipping industry. The company was started by Bruce Stevens who began in the shipping industry almost 40 years ago working for the NSW Barley Marketing board as the Shipping Operations Manager.

Since the 1990’s Stevens have moved away from commodity marketing, contract negotiation, shipping documentation and trade settlements, to providing consultation on projects and equipment hire to the shipping industry.

Bruce started with just two grabs, now Stevens runs operations all along the Australian coastline from Sydney to Fremantle, Brisbane to Geelong.

The company employs many qualified and skilled personnel from backgrounds in shipping, Stevedoring, engineering and fabrication. This broad spectrum of knowledge ensures complete coverage of all client needs and project management.

It is this knowledge and experience that has allowed us to carry out significant research and development into our equipment. This equipment ensures maximum productivity and discharge rates for the movement of your goods. When you pair this technologically advanced equipment with our vast experience and knowledge you can ensure you are contracting a far superior bulk services company.