Here at Stevens, we pride ourselves on efficient, reliable and state of the art technology. When paired with our 1st class customer service and experienced personnel, our clients are ensured the best possible productivity and discharge rates.


Equipment to ensure the best possible productivity and discharge rates

Stevens prides itself on the continual research and development of its Grabs to ensure that clients receive the best possible productivity and discharge rates from our equipment.

Stevens uses the latest in technology from European Grab manufacturers to ensure our company is at the forefront of Grab technology.

The Company currently operates new radio controlled Grabs with our patented sealing system which ensures that the Grabs are extremely efficient when handling all loose bulk materials. The development of these Grabs has greatly improved productivity and increased the environmental benefits for our clients.

This new technology now allows for a much faster discharge rate, whether a vessel is discharging cargo off the top or cleaning out.

There are a large range of Grabs available for hire to suit individual client’s needs and cargoes.

Stevens operates a number of excavators to assist in the cleaning out of vessel holds during a discharge. All machines come with multiple bucket sizes depending on product bulk density.

Skid Steers
Stevens can supply Skid Steers to compliment excavators during hold clean outs and wharf cleaning. Skid Steers come with optional bucket / sweeper attachment for easy connection.

Stevens operates mobile Hoppers in all strategic ports around Australia. The hoppers are designed to maximize Grab productivity by reducing truck delays and improving a faster turnaround for transport.

Hoppers can be supplied for any type of operation whether it is self-unloading vessels, or multiple grabbing points to maximise discharge rates.

An experienced and dedicated Customer Service Team on hand for your ship

Stevens always has experienced personnel on the ground for every ship to ensure a smooth process when unloading the product. This level of service means every step of handling your bulk services is covered. From the first grab load, to the last grain of product in the hold of the ship, our dedicated team are on hand 24/7 to ensure an efficient discharge rate for your bulk goods.

It is also our unique position as a family owned business that allows us to have this level of service on hand for your bulk service needs. It is this level of service that ensures a fast and efficient process when dealing with your goods. Should any delay occur during the process, our in-depth knowledge of the Australian stevedoring industry coupled with our high focus on customer service will get the service back on track with minimal down time.