We are proud of our unique customer-centric approach, where every member of our team is engaged to create maximum efficiency and output on every assignment. At Stevens Bulk Services we view each interaction with our customers as an opportunity to create long-lasting partnerships and develop innovative approaches for mutual success.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified specialists is the foundation for our commitment to ensuring a personalised experience with a renowned and unwavering reliability – across everything we do.

Project Management

As a truly 24/7 business, where our team is always available to meet the needs of our customers, optimised project management is a critical element of our ongoing success and operational sustainability. Our end-to-end service capability ensures each project is planned to minimise wastage, reduce downtime, and promote business continuity for our customers.

Empowering our people to always challenge the norm and search for new ideas, innovative technologies and design solutions is supported by our business commitment to continuous improvement. Our team nurtures a forward-planning philosophy to create solutions to meet the industry’s needs now and into the future.

Pre-ship discharge planning & operations

Stevens Bulk Services approaches each ship as a new and stand-alone operation. Planning begins weeks from the ship coming into the berth and evolves with the ever-changing arrival date. Meticulous planning allows us to stay agile and address each stage of the operation as it unfolds. We understand that small delays can significantly impact the efficiency with which products can be unloaded and always have contingencies and personnel available for the entire operation.

Our experienced team work closely with the port authority, stevedores and ship operators. This collaborative approach ensures all parties are cognisant of the schedule and working towards a common goal: the most efficient discharge operation possible.

Equipment Design & Fabrication

Our fleet of equipment includes specialised grabs and hoppers incorporating engineering solutions designed in-house by the Stevens Bulk Services Research and Development team. Progressive joint venture projects with specialty global equipment fabricators ensures we are at the forefront of innovation for our customers.

A commitment to continuous design improvement with a focus on spillage reduction and minimisation of dust emissions ensures our offering continues to evolve with industry needs.