Advanced Hoppers

The Stevens’ mobile hopper fleet operates in all strategic ports around Australia to service all size product movement projects. The hoppers are designed to maximise grab productivity by reducing truck delays and improving a faster turnaround for transport for optimised efficiency.

An extensive range of hoppers are available for any type of operation, whether it is self-unloading vessels or multiple grabbing points, to maximise discharge rates.

Envirotech Hoppers

As a result of Stevens strong commitment to environmental protection, we continue to invest into research and development of our hopper capability. Recently, our teams have focused on the expansion of our EnviroTech Hopper technology to align with our best practice service offering.

A first for the Australian bulk shipping industry, Stevens Bulk Services has commissioned two EnviroTech Hoppers with conveyor systems at the Kwinana depot. Through engineering solutions, these hoppers incorporate conveyor systems designed to minimise particle emissions and reduce spillage.

Kwinana Hoppers

Our fleet of equipment includes specialised hoppers incorporating engineering solutions designed in house by the Stevens Bulk Services Research & Development team. Progressive joint venture projects combined with global manufacturers ensures we are at the forefront of innovation for our customers.

A dedicated commitment to continuous design improvement with a focus on productivity, spillage reduction and minimisation of dust emissions ensures our offering continues to evolve with industry needs.

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Designed and Built by Stevens

All our Hoppers contain engineering solutions and are specifically designed to comply with Australian Standards to meet the port and wharf requirements.

Our Hoppers also have large grab target areas to maximise discharge area for ship crane operators working 10m3, 12m3 and 15m3 capacity volumes. The Hoppers are also engineered for easy cleaning to minimise waste and spillage.