Ancillary Equipment

Excavators and skid steers loaders form part of the complete ship discharge package offered by Stevens Bulk Service. Need more here, and here and here, something else about the unique offering by Stevens Bulk Services.

In addition, our fleet of skid steer loaders and excavators greatly assist grabs during ship hold discharge by moving cargo to the centre of each of the ship’s hold.

Skid Steers

Stevens can supply skid steers to complement excavators during hold clean outs and wharf cleaning. This equipment comes with optional bucket or sweeper attachment for easy connection.


Stevens operates a fleet of excavators to assist in the cleaning out of vessel holds during a discharge. All machines come with multiple bucket sizes depending on product bulk density.

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Minimal Product Wastage

Stevens has a focus on efficiency, we believe this goes hand in hand with ensuring there is minimal product wastage. Our fleet of Ancillary equipment, including; FEL, EWP, Forklifts, Excavators and Skid Steers, support the grab and hopper operators on these two fronts.

By working on collaboration with the grabs and hoppers our ancillary equipment efficiently assists the ship discharge while ensuring that no product is wasted during this process. it is through the collaborative process that we can meet our efficiency targets and ensure a speedy and cost effective process.