Specialised Grabs

The Stevens Bulk Services team take great pride in the progressive Grab Research and Development program the business continues to invest within. Focused on optimising productivity and discharge rates on all grab equipment, we utilise leading edge technology from European grab manufacturer partners to lead the industry.

Our fleet incorporates an extensive range of grab equipment to suit a diverse range of project needs and cargoes. Our service offering can be tailored to single task requirements or ongoing long-term contracts.

Speed & Efficiency

Since the introduction of our diesel Grabs to Geelong, vessel discharge rates using ships gear have never been faster. Stevens’ Grabs have becoming the preferred Grabs of stevedores in Geelong and other Ports nationally due to their ease of use, the quality of the Grabs and the high standards of our service and maintenance team to ensure the smooth running of our equipment. European Grab designs together with Australian designed technology provide a complete smart system that improves servicing, fault finding and Grab repair turnaround.

Our diesel Grabs have proved superior at maintaining higher discharge rates when compared to other Grabs. Our Grab fleet now consists of three different sizes to maximise productivity per vessel, regardless of product.

Industry Preferred

Our fleet of grabs incorporates our unique sealing system specifically designed to eliminate overfilling to minimise wastage, loss of product and environmental damage. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our service support and equipment reliability has earned us a reputation as an industry preferred partner.

With a focus on personalised service and tailored solutions we offer a genuine scalable project offering, whether it is a single transaction or ongoing contract.

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Designed and Built by Stevens

Through a joint venture product innovation project, the Stevens Bulk Services team introduced a significant development in grab technology to the bulk shipping industry. The solution focuses on the development of the Priestman Double Chain Touch Grab to improve ship-crane cycle times between the hold and wharf.

By reducing the need to touch down on the hopper grid to release each load, the Radio-Controlled Grab was developed resulting in reduced cycle times by 30% for improved turnaround times and efficiency.